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Our technicians and engineers accompany the inexperienced contractor in his first steps and they can also support the CP specialist companies in various ways. Cooperation and service for our customers is our top priority.

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Monitoring and cathodic protection of concrete are methods that modern and successful specialist companies have to deal with today. The traditional repair methods have their limits, especially in the presence of corrosion-triggering chlorides. Interventions in the statics of the building often represent hurdles that can be circumvented with cathodic corrosion protection.

Protector has been a partner and supplier to many well-known specialist companies for cathodic protection (CP) of concrete for many years.

Protector develops and produces the entire portfolio of products needed, from anode systems to electronics and software. You will receive components and products designed for use with concrete, into which we put all of our know-how in concrete technology. As a partner of the repair companies, we not only supply products, but we train you in our training center or accompany you in the application on the object.

Our technicians and engineers accompany the inexperienced in his first steps and also support the CP specialist companies in various ways. Cooperation and service for our customers is our top priority.

Technical advice and training are necessary to comply with the norms. With our Camur Workspace, we provide a platform that offers specialist companies and their customers exceptional opportunities for building protection and building monitoring.

Equipment for sample installations
Product training
Preparation for in-house training
Concrete plates for installation training

What Protector can do for you

  • We are available for consultation.
  • We will introduce you to modern structural monitoring.
  • We accompany you as you get started with cathodic corrosion protection.
  • We advise you from the offer to the execution.
  • We install test areas on the building in order to adapt individual plans.
  • We train your employees and you in our customer center or on site.
  • We train you in the use of software and electronics.
  • We are available as project coordinators
  • We guarantee lasting solutions and guarantee product safety for at least 30 years.

In the last 25 years we have protected more than 500 structures with Protector products. Take a look at our reference list.

As a specialist company, do you have any further questions?

We are happy to answer all your questions about concrete corrosion, cathodic corrosion protection and our products and services.
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